Twitter Woes Update

Twitterers may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted to Twitter since last Friday. The reason is that I’m unable to get to the “home” page where you write the posts. I can log in and get to everywhere else in the site, but that page won’t load (I get an “over capacity” message that sometimes appears when the site is really busy, except this has been going on for several days).

I’ve been in contact with their support people via email, and we’ve gotten nowhere. It’s been like dealing with the phone company in the 1970’s. However, I realize that I’m getting the service that I’m paying for, which is nothing — but hopefully they can think of something because it was a great tool for spreading the word about new posts and other news.

In any case, hopefully that’s back up and working soon. This seems to be a problem they haven’t encountered much, so we’ll see. If anybody has any suggestions feel free!

Author: Doug Powers

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