Reason #52 Obama is Like Jimmy Carter

This morning I once again heard somebody compare President Obama to Jimmy Carter, so I decided to consider a few things that have gone on since Obama’s been president.

Struggling economy? Check.
High unemployment?
Trouble with Iran? Check.
Oil crisis? Check.
Appeasement as a national defense strategy? Check.
Embarrassing brother? Check, and re-check:

The brother of President Obama has been refused a visa to re-enter Britain after being questioned by police over an accusation of attempted sexual assault and receiving a caution for a public order offence.

Samson Obama — one of the US President’s 11 half-brothers and sisters — is alleged to have been living illegally in Britain when he was arrested in Berkshire last November. A group of girls, one aged 13, told police a man approached them and followed them into a café a mile from the home of Samson Obama’s mother in Bracknell.

And we can even go one step further… Embarrassing drunk brother? You guessed it — Check:

President Obama’s stepbrother-in-law, Ian Manners, said that Samson Obama insisted that the allegations linking him to a sex attack were “absolute lies”. Mr Obama told him: “I was involved in a pub fight which had nothing to do with any young girls.”

Mr Obama, who runs a mobile telephone shop in Nairobi, claimed he could not recall why the fight occurred.

“It seems he was drunk but I don’t really know what the truth is,” said Mr Manners “Abo is not married but is in a relationship with a woman. He is a bit of a playboy but would not get involved with 13-year-old girls. It is unthinkable.”

The president should be careful or Jimmah’s going to sue him for copyright infringement.

Giuliani on the Oil Spill Response

Rudy Giuliani was on Hannity last night and had a good point after being asked about the Obama administration’s response to the oil spill:

It couldn’t be worse. This would be an example if you taught Leadership 101 of Exactly NOT what to do. Minimize it at first. Two days after or three days after it happened, go on vacation. He’s been on vacation more often than by far he’s been to Louisiana… The reality is the Administration has made every mistake it could possibly make right down to the criminal investigation of BP… And, if they’re being criminally investigated then why are we allowing them to do it? If we got a bunch of criminals doing it then why are we allowing them to do it?

Think of a bank that was robbed and trashed. The police suspect it was somebody who works a the bank, and they’re in the midst of investigating — but until the investigation is complete they’re letting the suspect keep the keys to the bank and the safe so he can go in there alone every night and try to clean up the mess that was made.

No, it doesn’t make sense, but it’s the government.

Update: Director James Cameron’s offer to help plug the leak has been declined. So much for getting footage for the opening credits of “Titanic II: Deepwater Horizon.”

Update II: Live video of the riser pipe after it’s been cut being prepared for the lowering of a cover that will hopefully be able to capture most of the leaking oil and bring it to the surface — keep your fingers crossed:

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

Because When You Get Hired As a Hooters Waitress, You Don’t Expect It To Be All About Looks

From the “She probably also thinks that the reason Hooters calls it ‘More than a Mouthful Mondays’ has something to with the size of the cheeseburgers” file, we find this:

Hooters of America is to speak out today against a lawsuit filed by a Roseville woman who said her civil rights were violated when she was placed on probation to lose weight last month.

Hooters executives from headquarters in Atlanta, along with Hooters waitresses, will hold a press conference at 10:45 a.m. at Hooters of Roseville, 32976 Gratiot. [note: 17 reporters, all male, were seriously injured in a pre-conference media stampede to get closest to the podium — DP]

Cassie Smith, 20, claims in a lawsuit filed in Macomb County Circuit Court that managers and corporate employees at the restaurant chain threatened to fire her if she didn’t lose enough weight during a 30-day probation period to fit into a size extra-small uniform. She said she was offered a gym membership.

Hooters’ spokespeople in Atlanta denied anyone from the company or restaurant asked Smith to lose weight and said waitresses aren’t held to a weight standard. It claims she was never placed on probation.

Who’s telling the truth? Perhaps the conversation went something like this:

James O’Keefe Gets Hired As a Census Worker; Predictable Waste of Taxpayer Dollars Ensues

Big Government has the story of James O’Keefe, of “busting ACORN” fame, who got hired as a Census worker in New Jersey using his real name (these boneheads don’t read the news much, do they?).

To the credit of George Stephanopoulos, ABC’s Good Morning America had Breitbart and O’Keefe on the air to discuss the following recording, and most certainly this kind of thing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Your tax dollars at work — but often play:

The irony is that the Census Bureau dropped ACORN as a participant in the coordination of the count after O’Keefe’s ACORN-busting videos were made public. What will the Census Bureau do now that this video is out? Drop the Census Bureau?

If O’Keefe is found out and fired, he’ll probably be re-hired several more times just to the government can count each re-hiring as a “new job created.”

Attorney General Holder En Route to Gulf in Heroic Attempt to Plug Oil Leak With Subpoenas

Now that the oil leak has been plugged, we can now move on to the next step of figuring out legal liability. Check that — the leak hasn’t been plugged, but send in the lawyers anyway!

VENICE, La., May 31 (UPI) — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder plans to visit areas affected by the gulf oil spill Tuesday and meet with state attorneys generals, officials said.

The White House has said the Justice Department was looking at the circumstances leading up to the April explosion and spill, but has shied away from saying the department is conducting an investigation.

However, the department said Holder plans to meet with U.S. prosecutors as well as state attorneys general from Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

This is why the entire Obama administration is so perplexed by what to do about this spill. An oil leak isn’t something you can simply commandeer, bribe, shout down, intimidate or boycott. Anything beyond that, they’re completely stumped as to what to do, and it shows.