Dude, Where’s My Ozone Hole?


Get out the aerosol hairspray you were instructed to stop using in the mid-1980’s and start spraying again with reckless abandon — the disappearing ozone layer that was giving eco-wieners the runs has been healing and re-appearing, but naturally there’s a downside to that:

While the hole in the Earth’s protective ozone layer is slowly healing, its recovery might have a downside, scientists say: Climate change could change wind patterns and send ozone from high in the atmosphere down to the surface, where it is a major component of smog.

The discovery of a hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica was announced by a team of British scientists in 1985. The cause of the hole was attributed to ozone-depleting chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which were primarily used in cooling units and propellants. When CFCs reach the ozone layer, they release chlorine atoms that rip ozone apart and peel away layers of Earth’s natural sunscreen.

This is the beauty of the “climate change” scheme — no matter what happens, you’re screwed unless you become a willing dupe in the latest money and power-grab scheme du jour.

The ozone layer disappears? We’re screwed. It’s getting better? We’re screwed. But somehow all will be well if Al Gore gets richer.

By the way, “Ozone Layer” is Gore’s code name in the masseuse community.

Author: Doug Powers

Doug Powers is a writer, editor and commentator covering news of the day from a conservative viewpoint with an occasional shot of irreverence and a chaser of snark. Townhall Media writer/editor. MichelleMalkin.com alum. Bowling novice. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan. Contact: WriteDoug@Live.com.