San Francisco Bans Sale of Soda, Sports Drinks on City Property; Shooting Up in a Public Park With a City-Provided Needle Still Okay

From the city that has its priorities in order:

The San Francisco policy, the result of an executive order from Mayor Gavin Newsom, dictates vending machines on city property can no longer dispense Coke, Pepsi and other calorically sweetened beverages. Sports drinks and artificially sweetened water also are included in the ban.

Juices must be 100 percent fruits or vegetables with no added sweeteners.

Like others pushing bans or so-called “fat taxes,” Newsom’s goal is a thinner, healthier citizenry.

Getting rid of that kind of nastiness should make every San Franciscan healthier so he or she is free to walk down the street shooting up heroin with complimentary needles and using free condoms to make balloon phallic symbols while juggling six vertically-challenged illegal aliens dressed like Liza Minelli who are fellating each other as a group of school kids looks on — all as the city government watches, nodding in approval because none of the children were exposed to a can of Coca Cola.

Author: Doug Powers

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