Question for Captain Obvious: Why is the Obama Administration Protecting These Men?

Last year, the Eric Holder led Department of Chicago-Style Arbitrary Justice dismissed voter intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party in spite of having what many legal experts considered an open & shut case.

Now why in the world would Team Obama not want to put the hammer down on **voter intimidation? (**Today’s rhetorical question brought to you by Titleist, the official golf ball of the White House… when daddy’s trying to “plug the hole” — all 18 of ’em — he uses Titleist!)

Now there’s some new video of one of the men from the original Philadelphia voter intimidation video demonstrating a certain violent disdain for any human being, babies included, sporting a skin color lighter than burnt umber.

Here’s an example of the kind of person the Obama administration is protecting while ironically suing Arizona for their “racist” immigration law (hey, thanks for protecting us from those racists, Barack).

The tail-end of this video was shot before the Obama administration dropped charges against him:

It’s a good thing the US elected Mr. Post Racial America, isn’t it?

Wow. That guy makes Nat X look like Mr. Rogers:

Author: Doug Powers

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