Position of ‘Senior Policy Advisor’ Given to Obama’s… Personal Chef?

White House chef Sam Kass is getting a promotion:

Kass’ official title went from first lady Michelle Obama’s “Food Initiative Coordinator” to a fancier “Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives,” according to the blog Obama Foodorama.

The title change flew under the radar for the past month until Kass was introduced with the new name at a national conference in Texas earlier this week.

Kass hasn’t been so under the radar himself — he made an appearance on an episode of “Top Chef: DC” to talk about healthy school lunches. The episode aired a few weeks ago.

A “Healthy Food Czar”? This gets more pathetic by the day.

They should have given him Geithner’s job — he’d be able to cook the books a lot better than Turbo-Tax Tim can.

Promotions abound at the White House, because not long ago, the White House handyman was named official White House Beekeeper. That title will probably become “Honey Czar” before too long.

In any case, we’re all getting stung.

Author: Doug Powers

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