Friday Challenge: Help Title the Movie About John Edwards

It was inevitable, I suppose:

John Edwards’ big affair is going to hit the big screen.

Andrew Young, the estranged aide who wrote a tell-all book about the former senator’s sexcapades with mistress, and baby mama, Rielle Hunter, said he has sealed a movie deal with producer Aaron Sorkin.

Sorkin, best known for creating the television series “The West Wing,” confirmed that he obtained the rights to Young’s book, “The Politician,” the Associated Press reported.

There will be countless other people doing the “casting call” thing, so I thought it might be more fun to simply help the director come up with a title, assuming it’s not the same as the book.

Here are a couple suggestions with which to get started:

Pretty in Pink Sapphire
The Unbearable Lightness of Ambulance Chasing
Dirtbag, Interrupted
Rielley Horny

Author: Doug Powers

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