Alvin Greene’s First Campaign Ad Against Jim DeMint Doesn’t Disappoint

South Carolina somehow-Senate candidate Alvin Greene has finally broken his media silence as far as advertisements go.

Greene’s down by at least 30 points to Jim DeMint in S. Carolina, so Alvin had to ask himself, “In my first ad, should I call DeMint evil, un-American or a bigot?”

Greene comprimised and went with the three all at the same time — he’s on a tight budget, you know:


If this ad is the “official” version, Greene’s biggest foe isn’t Jim DeMint, but rather McCain/Feingold laws. Al could be about to get a call in his parents basement informing him that if he doesn’t put an “I approve this message” thing in there he’s in violation of the “stand by your ad” provision:

(h/t HAP)

Author: Doug Powers

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