Federal Judge Strikes Down California Gay Marriage Ban, CNN Seeks the Diversity of Reaction That Only a Gay Bar Can Offer

During the Rick Sanchez Comedy Hour today, a roving CNN reporter was seeking opinions about a federal judge overturning California’s gay marriage ban, so he went to a gay bar in West Hollywood.

Gosh, I wonder what they thought about it? CNN was really pushing the envelope on this one.

The reporter seemed completely befuddled when Sanchez asked, “where are the 52% who voted for the gay marriage ban?” As near as the reporter could figure, they’re “somewhere in Orange County.” Too far for CNN to drive, apparently.

Imagine the ridicule a Fox News host would be taking if he or she reported on the same story but only sought public opinion at a Focus on the Family meeting:

(h/t Dittos Rush)

Author: Doug Powers

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