As Dems Bail, Charles Rangel is Reduced to Robo-Calls For His Birthday Party

Rep. Charlie Rangel, who is in the midst of being victimized by America’s Anglo-Saxon legal system, is having a birthday party this week, and Dems who were previously scheduled to attend are bailing out like paratroopers over Normandy.

Some of the excuses Dems are giving for backing out have a real “Uh, I have to re-arrange my sock drawer that day” sound to them.

Here are a few:

[Congresswoman Carolyn] Maloney let it be known she would not attend, citing a family commitment in Virginia. “I wish I could be at his birthday party,” Ms. Maloney said in an interview, adding that her plans to skip the event had nothing to do with the ethics charges….
When asked why he would not attend, Representative Michael E. McMahon of Staten Island, a freshman Democrat in a conservative-leaning district that Republicans are eyeing, responded: “All I am saying is I sent my regrets and I will be out of town. That’s my answer.”
Representative Edolphus Towns, a Brooklyn Democrat, will be just across the border, at a fund-raiser in Connecticut, but aides said it would be impossible for him to make it back in time.
[Congressman John D. Hall] said he would appear at a high-profile event in his district that day: the Fire Department parade in South Salem, a hamlet of 7,000 people.

“It’s too bad the party is scheduled for the same day of the parade,” Mr. Hall said. “This was scheduled way in advance.”
“My August days and nights are just jammed,” [Congressman Anthony Weiner] said. “I will do everything I can to get there.”

Even the entertainment is bailing — Aretha Franklin took a sledge-hammer to her own ribs so she had an excuse to get out of it:

Legendary songstress Aretha Franklin — who hastily scrubbed two free Brooklyn shows on Tuesday citing an unspecified injury — finally put out a statement this morning that explained that she suffered fractured ribs and pain in the abdomen due to a fall on Sunday.

The accident occurred just in time for Franklin to also have a convenient excuse to skip Rep. Charlie Rangel’s 80th birthday party at The Plaza on Aug. 11.

So, with the ballroom already booked and nobody attending, Charlie has been forced to call around and ask the general public to pay to show up — kinda sad, really, but it couldn’t happen to a more ethically-challenged guy:

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Author: Doug Powers

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