Democrat Kryptonite Visits Texas: White Won’t Meet With Obama

Before Media Matters gets wind of the second part of this headline, “White won’t meet with Obama,” I should clarify that I’m not talking about a racist, intolerant Teabagger turning his back on the president. I’m referring to Bill White, the Texas Democrat who’s challenging Republican Rick Perry for the job as governor.

Republican Governor Perry will meet Obama briefly during the president’s Texas visit today, but, predictably, the Democrat is keeping his distance:

When President Obama arrives in Texas on Monday, he will be greeted by the state’s top Republican official, but the state’s top Democrat will be nowhere to be seen, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Gov. Rick Perry will greet the President when he gets off Air Force One at Austin Bergstrom Airport. The President and the governor will have a brief talk about immigration.

But Bill White, the Democrat who wants Perry’s job, will not be there to greet the leader of his party. A spokeswoman says White has ‘no plans’ to meet with the President.

Increasingly, Democrats want Obama to fundraise but not campaign for them — or even get their pictures taken with him at the airport, apparently.

I ask this question half-seriously: How unpopular does Obama have to get before Democrats running for Congress use photos of Republicans like Perry and Christie shaking his hand at the airport in attack ads against said Republicans?

I can picture it already: “And that Republican even like OBAMA” (eerie echo: “…bama… bama… bama…”).

All across the country, with the exception of the supremely desperate such as Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer, Democrats are running from Obama like Michael Bloomberg from a salt shaker.

Author: Doug Powers

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