Lib Alleged Comedian Threatens to Kick Michelle Malkin in the Nuts (pause for laughter)

You can’t swing a dead career in Hollywood without hitting a Hope & Change-embracing peace activist who doesn’t want to beat up somebody who disagrees with his or her politics.

Aisha Tyler, who is an alleged comedian and actress, is one such moonbat. Tyler was on the Stephanie Miller radio show and apparently doesn’t like Michelle Malkin, because she said if she sees her, she’ll “kick her in the nuts” and also “kick Rush Limbaugh in the vagina.” Funny stuff.

Ironically enough, one of the charities Tyler claims to support is the “Family Violence Prevention Fund,” which “works to end violence against women and children around the world.”

Unless that violence against a woman is threatened by a left-coast moonbat:

I consider any threat against Michelle Malkin’s nuts to be a threat against my own, so my cup is secured and reinforced, and our advance into enemy territory continues undaunted.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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