Democrat Resigns After Palin Comments

Sarah Palin doesn’t even have to leave the comforts of her own bear-skin couch to take down some Democrats these days:

A New Hampshire state representative has resigned over disparaging comments he posted on Facebook about Sarah Palin.

Democrat Timothy Horrigan posted on his Facebook page that the former Alaska governor would be more dangerous dead. The comments came after Monday’s deadly plane crash near Dillingham, where five people died — including former Sen. Ted Stevens.
Horrigan has called his remarks “thoughtless” and has announced he will discontinue his re-election campaign. He also posted an apology on Facebook.

Well, I wouldn’t call “I apologize to anybody who feels they need an apology” to be a sincere apology, but it doesn’t really matter.

Getting these occasional windows into the souls of the people who think they deserve to be in charge of the health care of all Americans are good arguments against that very thing.

Author: Doug Powers

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