Last Person Dems Should Be Taking Advice From Heading Into a Midterm Election Offers Advice

In the 1994 congressional elections, two years after Bill Clinton began his first term, the Democrats lost 54 House seats and eight Senate seats. You’d think that the Democrats would only be paying attention to Bill Clinton heading into the midterms as an example of what not to do — but the Democrats seem to be attentive to Bubba. This is good news… if you’re a Republican.

Clinton was in Florida campaigning for Kendrick Meek, where Bill told the Democrats that they need to “quit belly aching.” Well, that and quit governing against the will of the people — and if they keep doing that, Meek will not inherit the earth:

At least Clinton is proving that bygones can be bygones. While he was in Florida, Clinton visited Chris Ruddy, the publisher of Newsmax and author of books that pretty much concluded Vince Foster was murdered.

(h/t HAP)

Author: Doug Powers

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