This Week’s ‘Al Gore Jr. Award for Environmental Hypocrisy’ Goes To…

…Prince Charles, who is urging Britons to “snub the tub” and give up baths and instead take showers — very short showers.

That’s right — the man whose polo ponies farts are responsible for more carbon emissions than most of our cars give off in an entire year is lecturing everybody about global warming again.

Here’s the Prince’s request, which does Al Gore proud:

He [Charles] said: ‘We must all strive, harder than ever before, to convince people that by living sustainably we will improve our quality of life and our health and by valuing nature’s resources properly, we will secure all our futures.’
Last year Charles, cut carbon emissions by 4 per cent at his four households and increased the use of renewable energy to 22 per cent.

Four percent at four homes? Whoa! Prince Charles’ argument is now “I’ve got a total of 22 bathrooms, 21 of which I’m never showering in on any given day — that’s a 99.1 percent cutback in maximum possible usage. I hope you can give something back like I am!”

The jet-set Prince also seems to believe, in a fit of messianic delusion, that he was put on this earth to save the world from global warming.

In fact, between Prince Charles and Sir Gore of Hypocrisia, the duo are doing nothing but perpetuating a problem for which they also just happen to sell the solution (and/or use it as a tax dodge). That’s convenient.

Author: Doug Powers

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