Bridge to Nowhere II: Stimulus Edition

People always joked about the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens trying to secure hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for a “Bridge to Nowhere,” but at least the Bridge to Nowhere would have gone somewhere.

This bridge in New Hampshire received $150,000 in stimulus funding for “rehabilitation,” and it literally goes nowhere:


Here’s some local reaction:

“We want to put some benches up, we’re going to put up some lights, we’re going to be able to have events there, and we’re working on the parking,” Stetser said. “It’s going to be a cultural and historical hub to the town.” On Tuesday, several area residents said they were skeptical about the use of stimulus money to repair the bridge.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” said Keith Klinger, of Antrim. “Does it stimulate the economy? That bridge is not stimulating anybody. Is anybody on it? Is anybody fishing? Is anybody photographing it? No.”

Well, people are photographing it this week, but only as an example of the joke that is “Recovery Summer.”

Author: Doug Powers

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