The Hope Academy: Barack Obama Elementary Opens Today


The first DC-area school named after Barack Obama is officially open today:

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. – There are already six public and/or charter schools in the U.S. named in honor of President Barack Obama. On Monday, there will be a seventh: Barack Obama Elementary School in Upper Marlboro, Md.

Rising fifth-grader Brianna Hooker thinks it’s entirely appropriate to name her school after the sitting U.S. President.

“The President is one of the smartest people … you could know,” explained Hooker. “I think it would be really exciting to go to a school [named] after someone who’s really smart.”

Now repeat after me, kid: “Mmm Mmm Mmm!”

As far as personal vices go, naming a school after Obama in a place called “Marlboro” is a little like building Bill Clinton High in Big Bone Lick, isn’t it?

Author: Doug Powers

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