Rep. Boehner to Call for Resignation/Firing of Obama’s Entire Economic Team — Update: Dems Respond; The Bad Economy is Bush’s Fault!

I’m still trying to figure out if Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner is being foolish or brilliant with this:

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) will call Tuesday for the mass firing of the Obama administration’s economic team, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and White House adviser Larry Summers, arguing that November’s midterm elections are shaping up as a referendum on sustained unemployment across the nation and saying the “writing is on the wall.”

First of all, Obama’s economic team will not resign. For what reason? Doing exactly what they were charged with doing? And the only reason they’d be fired is if congressional Dems on the verge of a November slaughter convinced Obama to crapcan them as a sign that the Democrats are serious about turning the economy around (the fact that they’d be replaced by people at least as leftist/incompetent notwithstanding).

So what’s with Boehner’s demand? The Dems are twisting, and it’s too close to the midterm to make a difference. In fact, the best thing for Republicans would be for Obama to do nothing heading into November.

Maybe Boehner’s trying to prove the GOP is serious about turning the economy around even though they’re not in control — or maybe he’s certain Obama’s economic team won’t resign or be fired and this is a good way to point out the reasons for that.

In a political sense, I get a little uneasy when the team that appears to have a healthy lead going into an election starts giving pointers to the opposition, but maybe Boehner is placing country over politics — or maybe there’s something more.

The Dems will publicly laugh this off as a “there goes crazy John again” kind of thing, but anybody with eyes, ears and an at least semi-functioning brain knows he has a point.

There’s no disputing that Geithner & Company couldn’t run a lemonade stand without screwing it up, but Obama’s the one who put them where they are. The entire lot has to go or it won’t make a bit of difference.

Update: The White House already has written a predictable response to Boehner’s assertions that Obama’s economics team should resign because of the lousy economy: “The lousy economy is Bush’s fault!”


Boehner also needs to call for the firing of Obama’s “Blame Bush Czar.”

Author: Doug Powers

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