Muslim Preacher Cited for FWA (Fatwa Without Authorization)

Don’t you hate it when some bonehead goes all Al Haig and thinks he’s got more power than he really does and issues a fatwa against you when you know damn good and well he’s not even authorized to do so?

It’s nice to see that they’re finally cracking down on FWA’s in Saudi Arabia:

RIYADH/JEDDAH: The Kingdom’s most senior religious scholar has ordered a preacher to stop giving unauthorized fatwas (religious edicts) after he called for boycotting a supermarket chain that employs women as cashiers.

Youssef Al-Ahmed had urged people not to shop at Panda stores because women there work in jobs that allow for the mingling of the sexes. Al-Ahmed says this is a violation of Islamic law.

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheik’s office confirmed Thursday that Al-Ahmed had been ordered to refrain from issuing fatwas without authorization.

You must be an “approved Saudi scholar” to issue a fatwa.

Read Warner Todd Huston’s account of this story. It comes across as an Islamic version of “Who’s on First?”

Author: Doug Powers

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