The Latest Anti-Racist ‘Reporter’ to Use Racially Insensitive Language When Talking About President Obama Is…

…CNN’s Rick Sanchez, who referred to Obama as “the cotton picking president.” The good news for Sanchez is that, under his watch, CNN turned in their worst ratings in the 8 p.m. time slot in three years, so not many people heard him say it. Whew!

Probably the funniest part of this clip is Sanchez’s apology, in which it sounds like he’s blaming Obama’s critics for making him so mad that those Tea Party types forced him, against his will, into a racially insensitive slip-up:

Not long ago, Dan Rather remarked that Obama “couldn’t sell watermelons…” Then Julia Reed, a Newsweek editor, said Obama was “out of his cotton picking mind.” Now Sanchez is carrying on the plantation theme while calling out others for being racists.

Rather, Reed and Sanchez are, the last time I checked, not raging right-wingers. Thank God none of them work for racist Fox News, or these kinds of verbal mishaps would be a big deal.

Author: Doug Powers

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