The Most Telling Line From Obama’s Iraq Speech

President Obama’s Iraq speech last night (transcript here) was predictable. Obama didn’t “take credit” for it as much as I thought he might, and made it clear that he disagreed with the war from the beginning, so I’ll give him credit for a certain measure of honesty.

But it was this line that grabbed my attention for some reason:

Our troops are the steel in our ship of state.

Anything sound strange about that? Ship of state.

Others might have said “ship of liberty” or “ship of freedom,” but I think that line is a Freudian window into the socialist soul of a president and his speechwriters.

When you hear the term “the state,” the first thought that pops into your head isn’t “freedom,” is it?

Maybe it’s parsing, but that was one of my problems with that speech. Ask soldiers what they’re fighting to protect, and I doubt the answer will be “the state.” They’re sacrificing for the United States and all it stands for. America turning into “the state” is what all those Tea Parties are about.

Otherwise, a giant “well done” and an even bigger “thank you” to America’s military, and let’s not forget that there are still about 50,000 troops in Iraq in “non-combat” roles.

Author: Doug Powers

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