The Sheet Hits the Fan: Family of Robert Byrd Angry at Republican’s Campaign Ad

When I read that the family of Robert Byrd was offended by a Republican’s ad that featured footage from Byrd’s funeral, I thought maybe some overzealous, wisecracking GOPer photoshopped sheets on his casket or some such thing, but it’s something else:

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The family of the late Robert C. Byrd blasted the GOP nominee for his U.S. Senate seat Sunday after he used an image from Byrd’s memorial service in a TV ad attacking the Democratic nominee.

The ad by Republican John Raese’s campaign seeks to link President Barack Obama to Gov. Joe Manchin by displaying an image of the two Democrats at the state Capitol ceremony marking Byrd’s June 28 death.

Here’s the ad. The picture of Obama with Manchin at Byrd’s memorial is right at the beginning:

Manchin’s campaign said it was a stock photo and they didn’t know it was taken at Byrd’s funeral. However, considering the fact Democrats continue to accuse all-things Tea Party of racism, showing Manchin and Obama mourning a former Klansman does at least provide some irony — be it intentional or not.

Author: Doug Powers

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