Harry Reid Campaigning on Coattails of… Bill Clinton?

This interview with Harry Reid is funny for a couple of reasons. First of all, after Reid outlined the litany of ways in which an incompetent government has failed Nevada, he was asked why voters should send him back to Washington. His answer: “I didn’t cause the problems.” Yep, because 24 years in DC isn’t nearly enough time to have been the one responsible for screwing things up. Notice the pause after he said that — even Harry Reid couldn’t believe Harry Reid said that.

And you might notice what I predict will become a talking point for many longtime members of Congress up for re-election: Reminding voters how great things were under Bill Clinton. Hey, Obama’s thrown plenty of people under the bus, so I guess Reid figured it was his turn to find out what it’s like under there.

Reid then naturally blamed Bush for the downfall of everything. But, obviously not wanting to lead the reporter down the road of talking about the stimulus failure, bailout disasters and the Obamacare that dare not speak its name, Reid’s timeline conveniently ends in 2008:

(h/t WZ)

Author: Doug Powers

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