Mayberry Mayday: Shilling for Obamacare Even Dragging Down Approval Rating of Andy Griffith

Democrats are running from President Obama these days like Michael Moore from a fat farm, and we might be able to add Sheriff Taylor to the list of those who are in full-fledged Hope-flight very soon:

You know how bad things are for Democratic political figures these days? Even Andy Griffith’s poll numbers have seen a significant decline in the last 2 years.

Our latest North Carolina poll found Griffith at 44/22 in the state for a net favorability of +22. That represents a 25 point decline from June of 2008 when Griffith was at a net +47 (56/9.)

Here’s the reason Griffith’s popularity has dropped like Aunt Bea’s tray of watercress sandwiches after she saw a mouse in Opie’s bedroom:

Author: Doug Powers

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