Democrats Taking a New Approach: We Suck Less

From “Change We Can Believe In” to “We Don’t Suck as Much as They Do” in just a couple short years:

With just six weeks to avoid a possible election catastrophe, Democrats are trying to limit the damage with a closing argument that’s more plea than platform: We know you voters are furious with us, but just let us explain why the Republicans would be worse.

The strategy requires an autumn influx of voters willing to view the election as a choice between two imperfect parties — and imperfect candidates on each ballot line — rather than as a chance to slap the Washington establishment that the public seems to dislike so deeply.

And now, it’s time to play “what friggin’ planet is this Associated Press writer on?”

Obama remains a relatively popular president, certainly compared with Congress, and he recently transferred $4.5 million from his presidential campaign account to Democratic House, Senate and gubernatorial efforts. He plans campaign stops in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Nevada, all of which have competitive Senate or gubernatorial races or both.

“A relatively popular president”?


I liked how the writer tried to justify the “relatively popular president” remark by serving it with an “at least compared to Congress” chaser, which is kind of like saying, “the fly in the customer’s soup remains relatively popular compared to the fecal matter on his toast.”

Yes, the president will be making campaign stops in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Nevada — no word on whether or not the candidates themselves will show up though.

Author: Doug Powers

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