Colbert Explains ‘Corn Packer’ to Congressman

It just keeps getting classier there in Washington.

As the country continues to skid out of control and unemployment and debt rise, Congress continues important and probing discussions with fictional personas from cable comedy networks:

I wanted Colbert to say, “Corn-packing is, you know, what you guys are doing to taxpayers.”

Rep. John Conyers later asked Colbert to leave (Conyers was annoyed with a colleague, not Colbert, who he called “pretty profound”):

I have a better idea — how about Colbert stays and Conyers leaves? He should go see his wife anyway — it’s visitation day.

After Colbert’s testimony about farming, Congress called in Mr. Greenjeans.

This was all taking place while Christopher Coates was testifying before the US Civil Rights Commission exposing the lies, racial bias and corruption of the Obama/Holder Justice Department.

Guess which story is getting the most media play? Colbert’s “lookie over here” appearance was so circus-like that it’s almost as if it was a planned distraction.

Author: Doug Powers

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