Moderates Organize ‘Lukewarm Beverage of Choice’ Party or Something

They blew their “moderate” cover in the first sentence:

In Washington, a new advocacy group decries ‘the tyranny of hyperpartisanship.’ And powerful New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg throws his support behind candidates willing to reach across the aisle.

Galvanized by the lightning-in-a-bottle success of conservative “tea party” candidates, moderate Republicans and others in the political center are looking for ways to push back against what they see as an advancing tide of ideological extremism.

The efforts are loosely organized and embryonic, but politicians, advocacy groups and others are piecing together a framework to promote moderate candidates and advance positions they say have been eclipsed by partisan sniping on the right and left.

Because when you think “moderate,” you think Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s a flaming liberal through-and-through, so this “anti-hyperpartisanship” push is the left’s attempt to win back the same suckers who fell for the Obama schtick in the first place but who have since run for the hills. Good luck with that.

Isn’t “reaching across the aisle” is how we ended up in this mess in the first place? No thanks.

Author: Doug Powers

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