Behar and Goldberg Debate Bill O’Reilly Like Good Tolerant Liberals With Confidence in Their Argument — They Walk Out

This morning at Michelle’s place I wrote about world-class idiot Joy Behar’s adamant claims that Michele Bachmann is “anti-child.”

Unfortunately, today is a Joy Behar Twofer-Thursday — with some Whoopi thrown in.

Bill O’Reilly was on The View and got into a heated argument with Behar and Goldberg about the ground zero mosque.

Behar and Goldberg did what everybody who has a winning argument does: they walked out — immediately raising the median IQ of the room by 30 points:

Update: I’ll bet Joy Behar would be against Rush Limbaugh building a house of worship near ground zero — Limbaugh’s a terrorist, you know.

Author: Doug Powers

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