Christine O’Donnell on Chris Coons Bearded Marxist ‘Joke’

Harry Reid’s “pet” Chris Coons was asked in a debate about once writing that his college friends referred to him as a “bearded Marxist.”

Coons claims it was a joke (hilarious!).

Christine O’Donnell found it ironic (transcript via HAP):

O’Donnell: “If you’re saying what I said on a comedy show is relevant to this election, then absolutely you writing an article saying you learned your beliefs from articulate intelligent Marxist professor and that what’s made you become a Democrat, that should send chills up the spine of every Delaware voter.

Read the article in question written by Coons (PDF). He describes his “Republicanism” that was washed away by a trip to Africa where he studied under an “eloquent Marxist professor at the University of Nairobi.” Does any of that remotely resemble tongue-in-cheek humor?

One of the parts of that article in question is this:

My friends now joke that something about Kenya, maybe the strange diet, or the tropical sun, changed my personality; Africa to them seems a catalytic converter that takes in clean-shaven, clear-thinking Americans and sends back bearded Marxists.

The Soros-bots at Media Matters immediately jumped in saying “Coons never said he was a Marxist!” Well, not really, but he didn’t have to.

In any case, here’s the Coons/O’Donnell exchange:

More on this debate, how the moderators were in the tank for the Dems and how Coons had trouble containing his disdain for O’Donnell here.

On Fox News, Michelle Malkin had the line of the day about the makeup of the debate participants and the moderators (paraphrasing): “It was 3 on 1 and difficult to tell which ones were running for office.”

Author: Doug Powers

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