Lansing State Journal Endorses Republican to Fix Problems Perpetuated By Democrats They’ve Endorsed

Here in Michigan, Democrat Virg Bernero is running for governor (currently over 20 points down) and is also the mayor of my former hometown, Lansing. You know things are going bad for Bernero when he brings in Bill Clinton to Detroit and, between the two of them, they can only fill up one-third of a high school gym.

Even Bernero’s hometown paper isn’t buying his “I saved Lansing” line, because they endorsed the Republican, Rick Snyder:

“We can’t afford not to act.”

With those words, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder properly identifies the magnitude of the challenge ahead for Michigan – and the biggest reason Michiganians should vote for him Nov. 2.

Snyder sees the mess that is Lansing and he actually is volunteering to lead an effort to clean it up. He comes to the task with a fresh eye, a fresh reputation and, most important, a significant mandate from the voters to do something different.

The LSJ Editorial Board endorses Rick Snyder for governor of Michigan.

What’s kind of pitiful about the LSJ’s acknowledgement of the horrendous mess Michigan has become is that in 2006 and 2008 the State Journal endorsed the lib/left politicians who they said were the best people to fix these problems. The LSJ endorsed Jennifer Granholm and they endorsed Barack Obama. Both have been economic disasters not only for Michigan but for the country (Granholm is one of Obama’s economic advisers — go figure).

Therefore, I can no longer endorse any of the State Journal’s endorsements. I’d have a lot more faith in Snyder’s ability to turn this state around if the Lansing State Journal thought he was bad for Michigan.

Author: Doug Powers

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