Kagan Casts First SCOTUS Vote, Surprisingly Sides With Court Liberals

A while back I wrote about Elena Kagan, and based on her past, assumed she’d be a left-wing activist judge. Somebody commented that it wasn’t fair that I “assume” she’d side with the liberals because she hadn’t voted on a single case yet.

Reality being the foreign concept it is to some, I decided, fine, we’ll wait until Kagan votes. Now she’s voted. Imagine my surprise when she sided with the legendary moonbats on California’s 9th Circus Court:

Washington…Justice Elena Kagan cast her first recorded vote on the Supreme Court late Tuesday, joining the liberals in dissent when the high court cleared the way for the execution of an Arizona murderer.

The 5-4 ruling overturned orders by a federal judge in Phoenix and the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco that had stopped the execution by lethal injection of Jeffrey Landrigan.

Here’s the money quote from the story:

A judge had put the execution on hold because she said she was “left to speculate” whether this drug was safe for its intended use.

Because we don’t want to use unsafe products when we’re executing people. What could possibly go wrong? The guy lives?

Author: Doug Powers

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