& Pedophile Books, the Disgusting Saga Continues; Updated

In 2002, came under scrutiny for “contributing to the potential rape and molestation of children” by selling books for and about pedophilia. Amazon defended one such book on First Amendment grounds (and obviously they “won” because that book is still listed).

Last week, Amazon listed a new Kindle book, entitled — I kid you not — “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure.”

I understand the First Amendment, but I also understand a company’s responsibilities. It’s clear that nobody who runs Amazon has had a child who has ever been victimized by this kind of sub-human debris.

The First Amendment exists, and so does a buyer’s freedom of choice when it comes to which book seller to give their money to. Feel free to demonstrate that to

Update: Suddenly the book is unavailable. Amazing what the prospect of losing lots of customers can do to shore up a company’s sense of decency, isn’t it?

Author: Doug Powers

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