Number of Obamacare Waivers Granted Reaches 111, Over a Million People Now Exempt


On the Health & Human Services website, there are currently 111 companies and organizations receiving temporary waivers from the glorious health care law that everybody loves. The labor unions, such as Local 25 SEIU and their 31,000 enrollees, are the most maddening. The same organization that helped ram through the law is seeking shelter from it while everybody else is subject to the idiocy.

Want a waiver? Here’s the process for obtaining one (PDF). Your application will ironically be moved to the top of the pile if you helped lobby through the law you’re now trying to dodge.

Right now there are 1,175,411 people being covered by a temporary exemption from Obamacare, a law that South Carolina Rep. Clyburn referred to as “the Civil Rights Act of the 21st century.” Uh huh… and how many people applied for exemptions from the Civil Rights Act, Rep. Clyburn?

Michelle Malkin asks:

Also on the list: Dish Networks and more. At this point, the better question is: Who won’t be on the list after the Obamacare central planners fully acknowledge the destructive consequences of their schemes?

If this law actually had anything to do with affordability and quality health care, even its authors would be scrambling to repeal it and start over — the fact that nobody on the left is doing that provides the best evidence that the “Affordable Health Care” act has nothing to do with affordability or health care. The people at the lucrative end of the scam are getting their goodies — what happens to the rest of us is irrelevant to them.

Author: Doug Powers

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