Palin Challenges Karl Rove: ‘Come See Me in a Man’s World’


One reason I’m a Sarah Palin fan is because she has an innate ability to cordially reduce her male critics testicles to the size of Raisinettes without compromising on class. Here’s yet another example.

Karl Rove is on record as saying that Palin doing a reality sort of television show in Alaska “doesn’t help people see her in the Oval Office.”

In other words, “That’s a chick-ish, unserious thing to do for somebody who may run for president.”

Palin lobbed that weak volley back into Rove’s court:

She told People magazine in an interview this week that the show was an opportunity to showcase Alaska and its hard-working people, adding that she hoped it would ‘correct some untruths out there’.

She also shrugged off recent comments by Republican political strategist Karl Rove who said that making a reality TV show diminished her credentials as a serious contender for high political office.

‘I’d like Karl Rove to come up to Alaska and see me being in a man’s world,’ Palin told People magazine.

In other words, “Come hang out with me for a couple of days, city boy.”

That could be fun. Maybe Sarah and Karl could take a boat ride toward some bears for a game of “let’s see who soils themselves first”:


Update: “Shoot to where it’s going, not to where it’s been”

Author: Doug Powers

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