Michelle Obama Voted Most Fashionable

Put this in the “for what it’s worth” category, because yesterday Motor Trend also named the lemony Chevy Volt the “Car of the Year”:

No surprise here: Vogue is out with its “Top 10 Best Dressed” list, and Michelle Obama has won the honor.

Branding Obama “The Independent” the fashion bible’s website shows a photo of the first lady stepping off of a plane in a flowing blue and white dress.
Vogue’s at-large editor, Andre Leon Talley says of Obama: “Style is not an afterthought to this wife and mother committed to national service; whether she is frolicking on the White House lawn in Converse or at an awards dinner in Michael Kors scarlet chiffon, she always looks elegant and appropriate to the occasion and to our modern times.”

Always looks elegant? Er…



And like Jackie O showing up in south Florida during the Bay of Pigs crisis in a dress with missiles all over it, what other fashionista would have gone oil spill chic?

Always “appropriate to the occasion”?


That was a little like going to a state that was ravaged by forest fires and showing up in a limo covered in flame decals.

Author: Doug Powers

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