Meanwhile, as the First Lady Promoted the Importance Healthy Eating…

While Michelle Obama was making the rounds trying to get 6,000 salad bars installed in the nation’s schools and stressing the importance of a well-balanced, government-funded, union-prepared diet, Barack Obama and Joe Biden countered by buying lots of cream-stuffed fried goodies at a bake sale at Our Lady of the Narrowing Artery in Indiana:

After their official business at a Chrysler plant, President Obama and Vice President Biden bought some desserts at the Gingerbread House Bakery in Kokomo, Ind., on Tuesday to satisfy their sweet tooths and treat the reporters following them around.

“The girls aren’t supposed to have dessert on the weekdays, but it’s Thanksgiving week,” Obama said as he ordered baked goods, according to the pool report.

“I want to take two of those cream rolls home,” Biden remarked.

Obama asked members of the pool what they wanted, and when he got no response, he ordered some apple fritters and pecan rolls for them.

Biden jokingly protested, saying, “If we give them the whole roll, they might not follow us as fast,” to which Obama said, “I’m buying for the pool. Man, those look good.”

Hopefully the press pool remembered to say “thank you” this time.

FLOTUS need not worry about kids having access to high-fat foods — her husband’s trying to get it off the streets as fast as he can!

Author: Doug Powers

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