Obama Basketball Stimulus Saves or Creates 12 Stitches in His Lip

President Obama played basketball on Friday. Why? Because it was too cold to golf. But while playing five-on-five (six-on-five if you count his teleprompter), Obama was elbowed in the mouth and required stitches.

The elbower was identifed as Rey Decerega of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Hey, didn’t Obama instruct Hispanic to punish their enemies? Obviously another briefing is in order.

Here’s the president with an ice pack on his face after returing to the White House looking out a window like the “Phantom of the Hope-ra” or something:


This qualifies as “slow news day” material, but still, after spending the past few years listening to Obamamaniacs treating him like a god who is far above mortal men, there must have been a slight letdown around the water coolers at MSNBC, ABC, CNN, NPR and the New York Times when it was discovered that he actually bleeds like everybody else. Chris Matthews lost a bet from 2008 that said that if Obama was cut, pixie dust, gold bullion and world peace would come out.

Author: Doug Powers

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