About the Impact of Obama’s Federal Wage Freeze

You may have heard that President Obama announced a wage freeze for all civilian federal employees for two years.

I’m not going to complain, because it’s a start — a very small start — but it’s a drop in the bucket. Actually, it’s a drop in Lake Michigan. Plus I want to see the fine print, because you know public unions aren’t just going to remain silent — and if they do, you’ll know there’s a good reason.

Philip Klein at the American Spectator has more on the impact:

Earlier this morning, I noted that President Obama’s proposal to freeze the pay of federal employees (excluding the military) for two years wouldn’t have much impact on the debt. Now we have more specifics. In his press conference, Obama claimed that the move would save the government $28 billion over five years. Taking that number at face value, that would represent a sixth-tenths of one percent reduction in the projected $4.52 trillion deficit over that same period (2011 through 2015). It would be the equivelent of a person who expects to rack up $10,000 of of credit card debt over the next five years touting the fact that he’s found a way to reduce his expenses by $60 over that time period. In football terms, it would be like a kickoff return that gains about a half of a yard.

AmSpec has a chart showing the overall impact:


I’ve had bigger slivers in my finger.

The problem is that the government is way too big, and that problem won’t be solved by merely denying salary increases to a government that operates at several times the size and at a tenth of the level efficiency is needs to.

Do any potential candidates have the guts to actually do what needs to be done? Governor Christie? Sarah Palin? Hillary Clinton? (just making sure you’re paying attention).

Author: Doug Powers

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