It’s Painfully Obvious That Harry Reid Has Another Six Years to Kill

Some might call it five minutes of rambling nothingness, but I call it five minutes of not spending a dime, so I hope Harry keeps babbling about football and forgets about the country he was in the middle of helping rape and pillage before Democrats broke for congressional recess and an historic shellacking.

From the Daily Caller:

With an extremely full plate before Congress and a short time before the 111th Congress shuts its doors forever, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took it upon himself to spend five minutes on the Senate floor Monday to discuss a football game he watched over the weekend.

With the Senate stenographer typing away for a transcription that will remained enshrined in the official record, Reid opened official business for the final congressional term by describing Saturday’s University of Nevada win over Boise State.

This video has that “sitting next to an old man on a park bench” feel to it — I don’t blame you if you can’t make it all the way through:

All the while, Sharron Angle must be at home saying, “I can’t believe I lost to this guy!”

I can’t either.

Author: Doug Powers

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