New Trend: Eco-capped Parking


I thought the whole idea about buying and driving hybrids was to save the planet from a horrific global warming fate, but the good news is that if you drive one, while you’re waiting for the planet to incinerate under several feet of snow, you might be able to park 50 feet closer to the mall:

An increasing number of Orlando buildings and venues are instituting front-row hybrid-only parking spaces in an attempt to earn “green” building status and reward car owners considered environmentally friendly. Places like the University of Central Florida, Ikea in South Orlando, and the Amway Center are just a few who are giving hybrid’s preferential treatment.

For now, the hybrid-only spots aren’t policed like a handicapped parking spot. But defenders are hoping the public will shame people into compliance.

“Right now this is a promotional thing, so I don‘t think we’re seeing enforcement,” Jon Ippel, the city of Orlando’s sustainability manager, told the Orlando Sentinel. “It’s more peer pressure. Hopefully the evil eyes violators get will force them to comply.“ He went on to call the spots ”sustainable spaces.”

And if you’re pregnant, handicapped and driving a hybrid, they let you drive right in the front door.

If this catches on, I can see one possible up-side: It might prompt Al Gore to finally stop being a hypocrite and drive a Volt so he doesn’t have to haul his fat butt so far to get to the buffet (though I’m sure the hybrid-only spots contain built-in disclaimers that will allow Al Gore’s limo convoy to park in them).

But maybe this is just a roundabout way to force the physically disabled, pregnant and elderly to buy hybrids to boost the sales that so far aren’t there.

Side note of irony: What’s the least sustainable government job? “Sustainability Manager.”

Author: Doug Powers

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