Westboro Baptist Church Freaks as Predictably Sick as Ever; Media Sure to Continue to Falsely Label Them ‘Right Wing’

This weekend brought plenty of new lows, aside from the murders themselves. We saw a law enforcement official drawing conclusions before an investigation had even begun, and the left of course blamed Sarah Palin’s “bullseye” over Giffords district for the shooting — even though one of the main peddlers of that accusation had done the very same thing (selective memory loss on full display).

In spite of all that, however, there is one issue on which everyone can find common ground: loathing these animals:

Former three-time Democrat gubernatorial candidate Fred Phelps Jr. (commonly called just “Fred Phelps”) and his Westboro Hate Group have announced plans to disrupt the funeral of 9 year-old shooting victim Christina Greene.

Christina was murdered by Jared Lee Loughner yesterday in his assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The little girl was born on September 11th, 2001, so her parents have been cursed with a horrific trifecta of high profile trauma: their daughter born on the worst day in our generations’ lives, their daughter murdered in an assassination attempt on a member of Congress, and Democrat Fred Phelps aiming his hate machine at their family during their daughter’s funeral.

Is there a rubber-hose wielding psychiatrist in the house?


Also, as the left is in their “blame the right” mood this week which will no doubt spill over into the criticism of the WBC whack-jobs protesting funerals, remember that the Phelps family are in fact Democrats from way back.


According to Newsbusters, Phelps Jr. has run as a Democrat for governor of Kansas three times, mayor of Topeka twice, and for the U.S. Senator once. He was an Al Gore delegate when Gore ran for president in ’88 and was invited to the Clinton/Gore inaugurations in ’93 and ’97.

You won’t hear about that in the coming week as the media no doubt parrots the WBC as “extreme right wing” (paging Diane Sawyer) because it goes against the pre-written script for reporting about — and sick attempts to politically capitalize from — a horrible crime.

Author: Doug Powers

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