Predicting the Left-Wing Spin on Jared Loughner’s Occult Skull Shrine

It’s become painfully obvious to any remotely rational human being whose neuron-spark hasn’t been extinguished by PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) and TPDS (Tea Party Derangement Syndrome) that Jared Loughner was a truther, pothead, creep, nihilist, psycho — and I’d add Marxist/anarchist and at times even ::gulp:: liberal.

However, much of the left pretends to remain unconvinced due to the fact that there’s much political ground to be gained and funds to be raised by shamelessly exploiting the murder of innocent people and lying about who’s responsible (here’s a novel concept: start by blaming the killer).

Here’s the latest on Loughner though… he had an occult shrine of some sort in his house:


Will that be enough to convince the left that “political rhetoric” had nothing to do with this lunatic going unhinged? Oh hell no — if anything, the left-wing spin on the above occult shrine will be this: “You know who else has skulls in her house? SARAH PALIN!”

Wait for it…

Author: Doug Powers

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