Passing Out T-Shirts at a Memorial for Murder Victims?

I saw the memorial in Tucson in bits and pieces so I can’t comment fully, but maybe one of you watched the whole thing and can give more details.

Nanny in comments from a previous post said it reminded her a bit of the Paul Wellstone memorial — and that’s the first thing that I thought of, except I don’t think even the Wellstone memorial had t-shirts:


When I saw that I was not unlike Barack Obama sans teleprompter: Pretty much speechless (although the Prez is maybe more comfortable with the subject of t-shirts and funerals than some). I half expected somebody with a hot dog cannon to be driving around the arena in a golf cart firing dinner to the mourners.

Michelle Malkin called it “branding.” It was a bizarre thing for a memorial. Not only that, but the memorial logo (I never thought I’d use that term) read “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America.”

As slogans go, that might be a pretty good one for the local Chamber of Commerce. But because this was a memorial for victims of murders that took place in an area that the left’s new favorite Sheriff had just declared the “Mecca for prejudice and bigotry,” the “Travel & Tourism Board” style branding (of a place we’re supposed to be boycotting no less) seemed more than a little out of place for what should have been a somber and respectful occasion.

That said, it sounds like Obama might have once again let down his base a little by refusing to blame conservatives. However, the fact that he didn’t come out a couple of days ago to spray some water on this nearly out of control political inferno/witch hunt speaks volumes too.

Author: Doug Powers

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