Michelle Obama’s Open Letter to Parents

Just what I need at a time like this: A lecture on how to raise my kids and to teach them the importance of “serving” and the “value of tolerance” for the views of others.

What’s the problem with that? Because it does nothing but reiterate the bogus claim and MSNBC talking point that the murders in Tucson were the result of political intolerance instead of a crime committed by somebody who should have been put in a mental hospital a long time ago.

Tolerance and respect for people with differing views is taught to my kids. Tolerance and respect for people who want to kill them, not so much.

Here’s the kicker:

We can explain to them that although we might not always agree with those who represent us, anyone who enters public life does so because they love their country and want to serve it.

I did a spit-take when I read that.

Sure, because everybody who loves the country wants to get elected in order to “fundamentally transform” America:

“I love it so much I want to change everything about it!”

My kids are raised to have respect for people, including those who hold political office, but I don’t think it’s good parental advice to ask me to lie to them.

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Relative heartache for the PDS and gun control crowd:

A minority of Americans believe the Arizona shooting last Saturday was because of heated political rhetoric, according to a poll released Friday.

The poll, conducted by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, found that just 15 percent of Americans believe the shooting was because of unusually angry and aggressive political rhetoric. Forty percent of the Americans poll believe the shooting was unavoidable and another 23 percent think it was due to an inadequate mental health system. The poll found a slim 9 percent think the shooting was because of lenient gun control laws.

Guess what 15 percent of the population Jared Loughner’s attorney is trying to get on the jury?

Author: Doug Powers

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