You Know You’ve Made it When…

Imagine my level of pride when I happened to have Saturday Night Live on last night just before bed and saw a cold-open skit featuring as a character my terrific blog partner Michelle Malkin.

The skit itself was weak and way too predictable (occasionally SNL bucks the liberal trend, but this time they continued to parrot the left-wing narrative on the subject). They should have consulted Michelle herself, because I guarantee she could have written this funnier.

What would have made a “Fox News trying to be more tolerant of the views of liberals” funnier would have been a juxtaposition with MSNBC doing the same thing in reverse — Ed Schultz forced to include and tolerate conservative opinion. That’s where I’d have placed Michelle Malkin’s character — possibly including a “scanners” style ending. After all, Ed Schultz is the one who admittedly refuses to have conservatives on his show, so that’s where “the new tone” approach would have been funnier. But maybe writing comedy about MSNBC is too challenging because writing a parody about something that is unintentionally hilarious in real life isn’t an easy thing to do.

But sadly, I don’t get to make those decisions:

Author: Doug Powers

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