Operation Desert Storm: 20 Years Later

When I heard that the first planes were doing target strikes on Baghdad at about 7 p.m. January 16, 1991 I was leaving a movie theater and the news had just broken on the radio. We sat in the car for at least a half hour listening and then later watched the CNN coverage of the Baghdad fireworks live from a hotel room in that city.

Have 20 years already gone by since Operation Desert Storm? (not to be confused with Michelle Obama’s “Operation Dessert Storm” which is still underway)

Below is video from NBC featuring the key players in the White House 20 years ago. It might re-open the debate that occurred at the time concerning stopping short of Baghdad and getting rid of Hussein right then, but you’ll hear “that wasn’t the objective” more than once in this interview.

And while we’re at it, a big salute to all the veterans of Operation Desert Storm:

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Author: Doug Powers

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