Comcast Moving MSNBC to the Center?

Last night I wrote a little about the left-wing drama queen blowhard Keith Olbermann leaving MSNBC. Frankly I was fairly indifferent about it, because the only time I watch MSNBC is when I need a reminder that I’m still sane, but hey, it’s also kind of my job to pay attention to what’s going on.

The cable news watching left went freaky-deaky over Olbermann’s apparent ouster, and they seemed to mostly blame Comcast’s merger with NBC for the move. “Another monster corporation that cares about nothing but the almighty dollar will move MSNBC to the right” and all that.


Comcast — isnt’ that the same company that launched the “All Obama All the Time” channel?

And isn’t Comcast the company with the CEO who has financially supported liberal/left politicians like Harry Reid, Chris Coons, Blanche Lincoln, Charles Schumer, Sander Levin, John Lewis, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and many more?

If MSNBC moves more to the center, it probably won’t have a lot to do with Comcast’s politics. Moving to the center or more to the right would be a business decision in order to compete with Fox News — and if this had been a pure business decision, those in control of MSNBC wouldn’t have started by getting rid of the guy who had the highest ratings in their primetime lineup. Getting rid of the higher rated Olbermann but keeping Schultz and Maddow, who on some nights make Olbermann look like Barry Goldwater, doesn’t seem like something a prudent television exec would do (unless Olbermann was demanding more money).

I’m using Occam’s Razor to shave the facts on this one: The explanation that’s the easiest to believe is that Olbermann was crap-canned because he’s an incorrigible asshole and simply isn’t worth the headache anymore. That could have something to do with the incoming management and/or fresh salary demands, but so far there’s not enough there to convince me that this was motivated by a coming shift in the political direction of the network.

In either case, I’m no more or less likely to turn on MSNBC next week than before.

Here’s a funny tidbit: In November Glenn Beck predicted that Comcast’s involvement with MSNBC would mean no more Olbermann, and Olbermann mocked the prediction.

Now, just for old time’s sake, here’s a good SNL parody of Olbermann. At least I think it’s a parody — with Olbermann sometimes it’s hard to tell:

Author: Doug Powers

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