State of the Union Open Thread and Drinking Game

Okay, the big SOTU prom will be underway soon and, but here’s an interesting programming note: In direct competition to Obama’s speech, starting at 9 p.m. EST, Rush Limbaugh will be featured on The Haney Project on The Golf Channel.

There’s a SOTU drinking game here, but if you really want to get loaded, do a shot whenever Obama says “investment” instead of what it really means: “yet another massive spending program.”

I’ll be weighing in from time to time on this thread at Michelle M’s site as well. Feel free to add your comments here on the goings-on this evening, including what is sure to be the subsequent media-gasm over what will be alleged to be the resurrection of The One. Word has it that everybody who works with Chris Matthews is covered in plastic like they’re in the front row at a Gallagher concert just in case Tingles can’t “think about baseball” long enough.

Back with updates soon…

9:05 p.m.; Obama enters, followed by Cantor, McConnell, Reid, etc.

9:15 p.m.: Aw, so cute seeing all the members of Congress sitting with their dates.

9:22 p.m.: “Sputnik” (twice) … do two shots!

9:41 p.m.: Hey, you know what would make this speech even better? If the guy delivering it believed a word of it!

10:00 p.m.: O’s back into that back-and-forth “watching a tennis match” style teleprompter reading habit.

10:25 p.m.: Speech over. Scariest line of the night: “We do big things.” Not a lot there for people who want to see the government chill on the wild spending binges. What made it stranger was that it was said not long after Obama expressed the need to make government more affordable, competent and efficient.

Author: Doug Powers

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