‘We Do Big Things’: Because ‘We Bring Good Things to Life’ Was Already Taken — Update: Obama Channels His Inner Granholm

A State of the Union follow-up email from Team Obama reiterates a new branding attempt that was mentioned in last night’s speech:

Overcoming the challenges we face today requires a new vision for tomorrow. We will move forward together, or not at all — for the challenges we face are bigger than party, and bigger than politics.

Yet the story of America is this: We do big things.

Can you tell Obama’s economic advisory panel is headed up by General Electric’s CEO? “We do big things” has that GE-ish ring to it. I suppose Obama’s catch-phrase would have been “We Bring Good Things to Life” but GE already used it.

“We do big things”? No kidding:


We won’t need a rocket to get into orbit anymore — we can just ride that graph into the stratosphere.

Obama’s new fondness is for the term “Sputnik moment.” I agree, this is a Sputnik moment, and the spendthrift morons, crooks, liars and “all of the above” in DC who never met a debt that couldn’t be lowered by borrowing more money are playing the part of Sputnik.

It was also funny how the president tried to rally Americans like JFK motivated the country to go to the moon, except that last year Obama axed the program to return to the moon. And that would be fine with me if it was a serious debt reduction effort, but it wasn’t — the real goal of the new “Sputnik moment” is to land union leadership in the public trough, have them collect as many samples as possible, and return them safely to Washington DC. Unfortunately, that’s the new “moon race.”

Update: Obama’s “vision” for America eerily similar to Jennifer Granholm’s “vision” for Michigan a few years ago. Hey, great idea!

Author: Doug Powers

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