Update on Spain: Obama’s Model for a Glorious ‘Green Economy’

From the time the trillion dollar “stimulus” scam was just a gleam in Obama’s teleprompter, Spain has been cited as an example of where the Democrats wanted to lead the US when it came to the “jobs of the future,” which of course are the so-called “green jobs.”

So how’s that wonderful “green economy” working out for Spain?

MADRID (AFP) – Spain announced Friday its jobless rate surged to a 13-year record above 20 percent at the end of 2010, the highest level in the industrialized world, as the economy struggled for air.

The “Spain model” means 2.2 jobs lost for each “green job” created. I’m not a math whiz, but to this serf in flyover country, that adds up to disaster.

Here’s the Spanish newspaper La Gaceta. The headline reads: “Spain admits that the green economy as sold to Obama is a disaster”


That was from March of last year — and yet the Dems continue to steamroll toward bankrupting America just to line the pockets of unions under the guise of creating phantom “green jobs” to save the world from the mythical global warming.

I’ve noticed though that since people are catching on to the “green jobs” sham, Team Obama has started putting different lipstick on the same pig by switching to the term “renewable energy economy.”

It’s been said a thousand times but deserves to be repeated — there are two options: Obama & Company are either incredibly stupid, or they’re trashing the place like The Who in a hotel room circa 1975 deliberately and for a particular reason. And since the media is constantly reminding us how smart Obama is, we’re forced to assume the latter.

Author: Doug Powers

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